John Maland High School


Student Services

Counseling Services

Personal Support Teacher (PST) – Ms. Kruyer is our PST. She can offer assistance for a variety of personal concerns that may affect your ability to be successful in your learning environment.

  • The PST will LISTEN and then LINK you to the appropriate supports both in and outside of the school.
  • The goal is to work with you to find solutions that will efficiently move you towards a resolution, and help you maximize your potential.

Learning Support Teacher (LST) – Mrs. Miner is our LST. She can offer you learning supports such as:

  • Study skills
  • Finding a tutor
  • Course or program selections/changes
  • Organization/time management skills
  • Career information
  • Scholarship information
  • Post-secondary information
  • Exam and course work accommodations
  • Student academic advocacy
  • High school graduation tracking

Family School Liaison Worker (FSLW) – Miss Sullivan is our FSLW and can help build the relationship between school, home and community by:

  • Providing supportive non-clinical (informal) solution focused counseling
  • Evaluating the needs of the student/family and referring to community agencies when necessary
  • Lead sessions on a wide range of topics, plan and implement small or large groups
  • Work to ensure that the student and family is happy, healthy and has a successful year.

Students can make an appointment with Student Services through the JMHS website under the student services appointments tab or click here: Student Services Appointments

Black Gold Mental Health Resources: