Black Gold School Division
John Maland High School


Minimum Requirements for a High School Diploma

  1. An overall total of 100 credits 
  2. English 30-1 or 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1or 30-2
  3. 3 credits in Physical Education 10 and CALM 20
  4. 10 credits in Math and Science, 5 must be at the Grade 11 level
  5. 10 credits in courses or modules starting at the Grade 12 level
  6. 10 credits in CTS, Fine Arts or Second Language


Graduation Ceremonies

Commencement Ceremony – June 23, 2020

John Maland High School

Individual Assigned Appointment Times

Grad Activities:

Week 1 – local businesses to decorate main street for grads and place poster size congratulation

messages along a specified route.

Week 2 – Social Media Tributes from teachers, parents, celebrities,

etc. shared with every student via email


Week 4 – Commencement Event – June 23

“Drive In Grad Movie Night” – June 27.  Watch slideshows and speeches on the big screen!


Grad staff advisors are: Mrs. Burgess,  Miss Harrish, Mrs. Helgren, Mrs. Melnyk & Mrs. Mistol