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Course Descriptions

That’s simple, it’s a Big School Experience in a Small School Setting!

JMHS offers a full compliment of core classes with average class sizes of about 24 students. This allows students not only an opportunity to access the assistance they need, but build powerful relationships with the staff of JMHS.  

JMHS also offers a range of electives with six distinct CTS streams and three Fine Arts streams.

Many of our electives can be used in the next part of our students lives as entrance into post secondary schools, a spring board into the Registered Apprenticeship Program, or as valuable volunteer or work experience.  

We at JMHS are committed to the development of the individual student through providing students an array of learning opportunities and experiences.  If you are interested in attending JMHS please contact us for an appointment or visit us during our Open House in the Spring.

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