John Maland High School



John Maland High School

John Maland High School is a grade 10-12 semestered school offering instruction in English.  We offer comprehensive programming for core subjects, CTS and Fine Arts programming.

A Brief History of JMHS :

September 20, 1948 was the birth date of the Devon school system.  25 eager youngsters, ranging from grades one – eight met in the basement of the teachers home.  By the end of the school year, 86 students were attending classes, in the original location and in three new homes.  Nine older children were being transported bus to the high school in Calmar.

John Maland was hired for the 1951-1952 School year.

When the new school year opened in September of 1951, 196 students were enrolled in grades one to eleven.  These grades were housed in six classrooms and grade twelve was taken by correspondence.

In 1953, John Maland became principal of the Devon school system.

On June 6, 1985 Devon High School was named John Maland High School.

~Information taken from “For Devon’s Sake – A History of the town of Devon”