John Maland High School


Student Life


Students’ union is an extracurricular group, through which we decide the events that take place at our school. We are a  group of motivated individuals with the desire to change our school outlook. Over the school year we plan a variety of activities including holidays and school theme days. Our job is to make the school year less stressful for students by integrating some fun throughout the semesters, for example our start of the year Kick Off Day and our Halloween week. Past Students Union groups have been successful but we are always looking for new events and new ways to try and brighten things up. We appreciate all the support we have received and we’ll take any feedback to improve our group for next year.


Our team’s main goal is to demonstrate a leadership mindset. By volunteering our time, we strive to promote wellness, social justice and awareness, as well as develop partnerships with our community. We are teens who believe that compassion and understanding lead to meaningful change for all.