John Maland High School


Scholarship & Awards

Each year in Canada there is approximately $70 million available in scholarships, and about $7 million goes unclaimed. There are many ways to access those dollars.


Scholarship websites, like and yconic, catalogue thousand of rewards in their databases. When students register and create a profile, the sites match the individuals with scholarships, bursaries and awards for which they are eligible. will send out reminders of scholarship deadlines.

Another website to access is Alberta Learning Information Service. This is a website connected to the Government of Alberta website, with great information.

Scholarships are not just based on academic performance. There are a number of scholarships available for students to access which are awarded for other criteria, such as volunteerism, environmental activism, and artistic or athletic achievements.

In addition, each post-secondary institution has information about scholarships that are particular to their programs. Be sure to carefully review the website of institutions in which you are interested.

Be sure to check out these valuable websites.


Many of the bigger scholarships must be applied for before the second semester of grade 12. Be sure to check the Careers Bulletin Board in the hallway by the gym to see about any new scholarships. Watch for deadlines.


The application process can be time consuming: applications often require a student to complete a questionnaire or essay and to provide transcripts of marks, as well as references. Some applications may take 5 or 6 hours to complete. If a student is applying for a scholarship which asks for evidence of volunteer hours, a log book may be required.


Each year the Alberta Government presents thousands of students with up to $2500 in scholarship money from the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.Students with marks from 75% – 79.9% (marks are not rounded up) can receive the following amounts:

Grade 10 – $300; Grade 11 – $500; Grade 12 – $700

Students with honours standing (80+) can receive the following amounts:

Grade 10 – $400; Grade 11 – $800; Grade 12 – $1300

Students apply at the end of their grade 12 year, when they have been admitted to a postsecondary program. There is no time limit on the award – a student can take a year off or even more, and the money will still be available.

The applications will be distributed at John Maland High School in May, or can be found online at Alberta Learning Information Services.