Black Gold School Division
John Maland High School

Theatre Arts


  • Two student driven musical productions every year
  • Drama Mentorship program with Riverview Middle School
  • Fraggle Rock puppetry performances for Graminia Preschool
  • Two streams allows students the opportunity to take drama every semester throughout high school


A long standing, successful program at the high school, drama is a unique, dynamic, exciting and challenging ‘performing arts’ course.  Each term, the JMHS Drama Troupe presents a play to the public to showcase the talent and diversity of the students in the class.  Whether you are interested in acting, or want to be part of the technical team, then this is the program for you!  A cross-grade level enrollment encourages growth in the drama tic arts and builds friendships that enhance the high school  social experience.  Students gain confidence, learn to interact with others, and conquer fears of performing in public.  This participation course is perfect for those curious about the arts.

Musical Theatre

For those students who are extremely ‘performing arts focused’ then Musical Theatre is the class for you!  Each semester a Musical Theatre production is used as the means of delivering curriculum objectives of the course.    Students are able to further develop their drama tic skills as they work through vocal direction and musical theatre choreography.  If students enjoy drama, then they will enjoy the challenge of performing in a musical!