Black Gold School Division
John Maland High School

Construction Studies


  • Students competing at Skills Canada in Cabinetry annually.
  • Students recently competed at the Cardboard Boat Race at N.A.I.T.
  • Students manufacture lunch tables and benches for the students of JMHS.


The Construction and Fabrication classes at JMHS offer over 35 different modules in the areas of construction, welding and mechanics. Students learn basic skills and safety with entry level modules but quickly advance to more challenging individualized projects.

The shop is well equipped with welders, state of the art wood working tools such as Saw Stop table saws and a CNC router. Our emphasis has traditionally been cabinetry and welding, but students have ventured in to mechanics, framing and advanced metal fabrication in the past. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and learn hands on skills through a wide variety of projects.